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We are the first Australian exchange to be awarded the internationally recognised ISO certification for security management and processes. Operating since 2013, we’re proud to say we’re Australia’s most trusted exchange. Skycoin has a floating exchange rate – meaning its price is set by individual vendors based on available supply and demand. As Skycoin is a globally traded asset, the price can vary across the world based on order books, volume, exchange rates and service fees of each individual Skycoin exchange. Europeans can use BitPanda to buy bitcoins or ethereum with Skrill.

Binance and Changelly are good places to exchange your SKY to any other cryptocurrency. If you want to exchange it to regular currency, trader SKY for bitcoin and exchange BTC into dollars, euro, or other currencies. The cheapest way to do it is to buy bitcoins with bank account and exchange the BTC for Skycoin.

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According to our research, the total circulating supply of Skycoin is 22,000,000 SKY coins, while Bitcoin has a total current supply of 19,364,175 BTC coins. Transfer your newly purchased BTC or ETH from your wallet to one of the exchanges listed below. If Binance is not available in your jurisdiction, view our list of exchanges that sell BTC or ETH for Government issued money. Native platform support for CoinJoin to provide completely private, untraceable transactions. With CoinSpot you can convert your Skycoin to AUD instantly. You can also withdraw AUD to your Australian bank account for free with no withdrawal limits.

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Whichever of the above options you choose, the first step is to join Binance- click here to go to the site. Based on the technical Skycoin analysis & evaluation, the current market rank of SKY is #1325, while the coin’s market cap is $1,535,166. In comparison, the Bitcoin market cap is as high as $559,997,508,762!

As your portfolio of crypto assets expand, you will need to have a crypto wallet to keep your goods safe. There are thousands of service providers on that end, and choosing the right one would take an entirely new guide to share some knowledge about this topic. The site will ask for some basic information about yourself, make sure to tell the truth. Otherwise, you could face withholding of your investment.


If you are holding Skycoin as a long term investment, you can utilise a cold storage wallet and send your coins there from your CoinSpot account. A cold wallet is a wallet which is completely offline and is a popular option amongst people who prefer to hold their coins, rather than regularly trade. You may be told that your account is under review to assess if you are eligible to purchase cryptocurrencies using a credit card or debit card.

Where and how to buy Skycoin

Select the cryptocurrency you want to purchase and the fiat currency you will be paying in. The cheapest way is to use bank account to buy Bitcoins first or to buy the Skycoin right away. The fastest way is to use a credit card but you will then be charged higher fees.

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Enter the amount of Skycoin, and confirm the transaction with your password or two-factor authentication. You may also need to click an email link for extra security. You can view the transaction on the Skycoin explorerto confirm that it your coins are recorded on the Skycoin blockchain.

As we mentioned previously, the sites make it very easy to handle FIAT money to pay for the altcoins you want to have in your portfolio. You can check in your bank account to make direct deposits or withdrawals. While this method is excellent, it takes at least two days to verify it on Coinbase’s end. You can also register your credit cards, debit cards, and even your PayPal account in the buy/sell link located on the top menu.

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Go to the checkout & fill in your billing details – make sure it’s done correctly. Its web-of-trust style consensus prevents the development of centralized power. Skycoin requires no mining, is immune to 51% attack, and transactions occur in seconds. Decisions are made through community consensus, not based on the wishes of a few majority stakeholders.

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Over the last five days, Skycoin has earned a Neutral rating on the InvestorsObserver Sentiment Score. The Sentiment Score measures the performance of Skycoin over the past five days by volume and price movement. We have received a lot of messages asking for explicit directions on how to purchase Skycoin, so we are making this blog post to outline the process. You don’t have to sit and wait- once your Bitcoin has been successfully deposited to Binance you will be sent a confirmation email. Once you have Bitcoin, send it to your Binance Bitcoin address.

Head over to Binance or Lbank, which have the highest volume of transactions. Once your account is setup, deposit your newly purchased Bitcoin on the exchange by transfer from your Bitcoin wallet. Depending on the congestion of the Bitcoin blockchain, the transaction could take a while to confirm, so be patient. Frankly, the best way to buy Skycoin or any other cryptocurrency is to find a reliable and reputable exchange, and then purchase the crypto of your choice.

Can I Buy Skycoin (SKY) with Ethereum?

Copy this address and save it/write it down somewhere safe. A pop-up will show up to advise you to set up 2FA – two-factor authentication – on your account. To register, you must enter your email and a password . Verify that you’re not a bot, tick “I agree to Binance’s Terms of Use” and click ‘Register’. As we mentioned, you need to exchange your Etherium to Skycoin. In our tutorial, we’re going to use Binance as the website to exchange Ethereum for Skycoin.

Due to CoinSpot’s flexible Multicoin Wallet, storing your digital currency is simple. Just by creating your CoinSpot account you will automatically be given your own unique wallet where you can store your Skycoin for free. The fastest way is to buy Skycoin with a credit card, but you will be charged higher fees. Yes, you can do that easily by using Binance to exchange bitcoins for Skycoin. In amount box, type in the amount of Ethereum you want to transfer (if you want to send it all, use the ‘use max’ option).

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You will see a ‘Buy SKY’ box where you can enter the amount of Skycoin you wish to purchase, and the cost in BTC. You can buy at the market price or place an order to fill at a certain price. Once your order has been fulfilled you are now the proud owner of some Skycoin. The only thing left to do is transfer your SKY to your personal wallet. To obtain Bitcoin, you can buy through an exchange , from a Bitcoin ATM in your area, or through a peer-to-peer trading service such as LocalBitcoins or Bisq.

Also, by buying an altcoin, you support the technology and the project behind it. Buying Skycoin with credit card instantly is the most simple and effective way to purchase new generation alternative assets. Skycoin is Obelisk A new consensus protocol solving core inefficiencies in PoS and PoW.3/5. Skycoin is CX A new, powerful, turing complete language for blockchain development.4/5. Skycoin is Skywire A stronger, faster, more secure internet, networking protocol and bandwidth routing algorithm.5/5. Skycoin is Fiber An infinitely scalable, fully customizable platform capable of Visa-like speeds and security.

Unfortunately Binance has barred US citizens from using their international exchange. Instead Binance has built a US based exchange- but it does not allow the purchase of Skycoin. A limit order lets you manually set the price at which you want to buy Skycoin .

Make sure to your name, your e-mail, and your password correctly. The stronger your password is, the safest your money will be. You will be asked to check your status as a living being using a re-captcha box and to agree to the terms of use of the platform. There is no better way to get started with cryptocurrencies than aiming high for the big boys. You have to buy your first shares of Bitcoin or Ethereum by creating an account at COINBASE. The best to do so is by creating a confirmed account in the platform and explore your options.

We are trusted by over two million customers and with just a few clicks, you can what is volare network Australian dollars or other cryptocurrencies for Skycoin. CoinSpot helps users easily buy crypto, build their portfolio, make secure purchases and invest in this exciting asset class. Leaving Skycoin on an exchange just puts you at risk of losing money if the exchange gets hacked. Your account could also get hacked, which is why it’s important to use 2FA. However, you still need to follow a few steps to do it – that’s why we made this easy tutorial for you! It is separated into parts – just follow the one that matches your purchase method.

Moreover, the mining mechanism in this platform is different than those in other platforms because the focus is on storage, computation, and bandwidth within the network. You can skip this step and leave your Skycoin in the exchange, but the exchange can keep your Skycoin or lose them to hackers, so be cautious. Deposit AUD into your account & enter the amount of AUD you want to trade for SKY and click “Buy”. Skycoin is invested in solving many of the technological problems based around net neutrality, decentralisation and privacy. Through an extensive roadmap and driven team, Skycoin has the potential to change the blockchain ecosystem as we know it.

  • Based on the technical Skycoin analysis & evaluation, the current market rank of SKY is #1325, while the coin’s market cap is $1,535,166.
  • The content published on this website is not aimed to give any kind of financial, investment, trading, or any other form of advice.
  • The infinitely-scalable and highly customizable parallel peer-chain architecture of the Skycoin platform.
  • If Binance is not available in your jurisdiction, view our list of exchanges that sell BTC or ETH for Government issued money.
  • You can use a VPN that makes you appear to be accessing the internet from a different country.

If you bought your Skycoin & now you think that the time has come to cash out, there are multiple ways to do that. One of the most popular ways of selling your crypto is exchanging it for gift cards & discounts of various vendors. You can also sell your SKY & get cash directly to your door, or receive your chosen currency to your bank account. Whichever method you choose, be sure you’re using reputable vendors. Buying SKY with a credit card, debit card or VISA is not enough – you have to find a secure place to store it & protect your Skycoin from hackers.

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